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The College Portfolios consist of summarized graphic depictions of trends and ratios designed to annually track college progress on USF's main campus. The summary dashboards include but are not limited to:

  • student headcount
  • student credit hours and FTE
  • budget and fund-raising
  • faculty FTE
  • research expenditures per faculty
  • faculty activity

    • All historical and current data represent the College/Department re-organizations that were effective in 2008 (exceptions only for "Fund Raising" & "R&D Awards" metrics).
    • Detailed information for faculty & faculty metrics for your college can be viewed via the links below.
    • Detailed student information for headcount, credit hours & degrees can be viewed in the USF InfoMart: Note: due to the mandated state-level change in our reporting sources, the USF InfoMart is currently under re-construction. History, including college/department reorganizations, will be re-invented in the new version, available soon!

    The Portfolios 2008-2009

    Executive Summary

    Complete Portfolio Package

    To view detail listing for your college

    Please note the following:

    • Portfolios are developed for all Tampa Campus E&G colleges. All data have been re-aligned to reflect the current college/department organizational structure.
    • Fall data are as of the Final Enrollment Benchmark; academic year (AY) data are Summer/Fall/Spring Terms in the AY (example, AY 2007/08 = Summer 2007, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 terms).
    • Student headcount and degrees are sorted by Home Campus; course data and credit hour (SCH) data are sorted by Funding Campus. Note: College of Marine Science is an exception, when student headcount = student major.
    • Fundable FTE (Full-Time Equivalencies) are fundable annual student credit hours (SCH) converted to FTE via the state's formulae.
    • For course information: Course section counts represent unique courses (all sections collapsed) or unique sections for all Classroom (C) and Discussion (D) course types. All remote learning courses/sections have been removed. For Faculty ratios (Fall Sections Per T/TE Faculty FTE), course section counts include all "organized sections" as defined by the state (course types = 'C', 'D', 'L', and 'O').
    • E&G expenditures include current year, carry forward, and non-I&R funds, as well as certified forward balances.
    • R&D expenditures are provided by the Comptroller's Office; R&D awards data are provided by the Office of Research.
    • Faculty FTE are reported by Tenure Status and/or Rank, first November pay-period for Fall Term data and, when annualized, converted person years. A listing is now provided to verify your faculty population.
    • Fund Raising information was provided by the USF Office of Development.

    The Office of Decision Support welcomes feedback on the College Portfolios.

    Send questions and comments to Dr. Michael Moore at or Debbie Hayward at


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