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Executive Summary

The 2013-2018 Strategic Plan builds on the success of previous plans and advances the institution as a global research university. The vision is to extend USF's reach in the U.S. and around the world, provide further educational opportunities for students and improve their employability, increase faculty and staff prospects, and foster richer local, national, and international relationships. By these steps, we also look to advance the university's case for membership within the Association of American Universities (AAU).

The new plan adopts a laser-like focus on USF's academic investment and performance, refining institutional priorities and measuring outcomes as depicted in the updated planning and performance matrix and online dashboard. The plan underscores the pressing need to provide broad access to higher education while maintaining affordability and high quality within a changing economic reality brought on by significantly reduced state support.

While honoring the accomplishments produced from previous plans and recommitting the institution to the hallmarks of student success and top-tier research and innovation, the new plan also differs from its predecessors by way of its fresh emphasis on developing active public-private partnerships designed to increase economic and employment opportunities within a global context that recognizes the significance of international relations in an interconnected world.

USF's priorities have been set:

  • USF will, through a continued commitment to student success, produce well educated global citizens
  • USF will, through its high-impact research and innovation, change lives for the better, improve health, and foster sustainable development and positive societal change
  • USF will, as a highly effective major economic engine, create new partnerships to build a strong and sustainable future for Florida in the global economy
  • USF will pursue a more secure economic base, greater operational and resource efficiencies, and increased transparency in its business practices