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Academic Affairs Planning & Reporting Resources

The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President is committed to ongoing improvement in programs, research, and experiences for students and faculty.

Planning & Reporting  
Strategic Planning The USF Strategic Plan was adopted in 2002 for the period 2002-07. In August 2006, activities were initiated to assist the Board of Trustees and President Genshaft to engage key stakeholders in developing a plan to provide guidance for the 2007-2012 period.
Compact Planning

Compact Plans are short-term focused planning agreements that align actions of campuses, colleges, and academic/service units with the USF Strategic Plan, 2007-2012.

Florida Board of Governor's Consultant Report on Higher Education in Florida The Florida Board of Governors contracted with the Pappas Consulting Group, Inc., Stamford, CT, to examine the status and structure of higher education in Florida and make observations and recommendations accordingly. The report was submitted to the Florida Board of Governors on January 15, 2007, and is entitled Proposing a Blueprint for Higher Education in Florida: Outlining the Way to a Long-Term Master Plan for Higher Education in Florida.
Performance Planning & Accountability USF is committed to monitoring and improving system-wide performance on 18 Strategic Imperatives. This web site contains performance measures, goals, results, peer comparisons, and SUS comparisons.
Legislative Budget Request Planning Resources Colleges and departments were systematically engaged in providing recommendations for future legislative budget requests.
Chancellor Rosenberg' memo on the Governor's budget

Governor Crist released his 2007-2008 recommended budget on February 2, 2006. Chancellor Rosenberg transmitted these files to each SUS president: 1) an executive summary of the BOG University request compared to the Governor’s recommendation, and 2) an executive summary of the BOG General Office request compared to the Governor’s recommendation.

Capital Improvement & PECO Resources BOG/SUS and USF resources, documents, and reports are listed.
Enrollment Growth Planning Academic Affairs through the Office of Decision Support closely monitors enrollment in the USF system. Periodic adjustments in enrollment plans are made to ensure the effective deployment of resources.
Community Engagement Classification USF was selected by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching for Community Engagement Classification. This web site contains the application, survey responses, and related press releases.
Student Exit Surveys Recurring surveys of graduating students are conducted at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Campaign Planning During the 2005-06 academic year, Provost Khator engaged each college to envision how to improve academic programs and instructional experiences if private contributions were forthcoming.
STEM Planning &
Preliminary Proposals

USF colleges and departments are engaged in research and instruction in the areas of STEM including: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In February 2006, Provost Khator invited proposals to strengthen STEM programs and research to ensure USF's readiness for anticipated workforce demands and emerging technologies.







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